President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko appointed Vladimir Karanik, who headed the Ministry of health, as the Governor of the Grodno region. This is reported by the BelTA news Agency.

The head of state suggested Karanik’s candidacy during a meeting with deputies of the regional Council in Grodno. They are reported to have approved the appointment.

Earlier, on August 17, Karanik escaped from protesting medics shouting ” Shame!”. Doctors demanded that the Minister let them go to the detainees at mass protests. But he refused to do so and was booed.

Mass protests are taking place in Belarus for the second week. Citizens are opposed to the official results of the presidential election, according to which Alexander Lukashenko won more than 80 percent of the vote. Thousands of employees of the country’s main industrial enterprises went on strike and supported the protesters. In protest against the actions of the authorities, employees are being dismissed from state TV channels. Lukashenko called the strikes of Belarusian factories in the Republic a” knife in the back ” of the government.