By the end of the year, the sign will be replaced by the hotel “Three Moors” in the Bavarian city of Augsburg, over which clouds have long been gathering because of the allegedly “racist” name. This is written by Die Welt.

The publication notes that the owners until recently resisted renaming the institution with a five-hundred-year history, whose threshold was once crossed by Mozart, Goethe, Haydn, Paganini, Wagner, count von Zeppelin and Franklin Delano Roosevelt – they are listed in the list of famous guests on the hotel’s website, which is still called in the old way. Now the hotel will be called rather impersonally – “Maximilian’s”. But its original name is associated with a romantic legend about how the owner of an Inn sheltered four Abyssinian monks in the cold. Then they decided to continue their journey, but one “moor” froze in the field. Then the kindly innkeeper returned the others and kept them for the winter. The lobby is still decorated with three terracotta busts made in the 17th century by a medieval sculptor who was inspired by this story. What will happen to the busts now is unclear.

“RG” wrote about that in Germany in full swing “the persecution of the Moors”: the historical brand “Moorish” pharmacies have difficulty fighting off attacks, has decided to give the new name of the Berlin underground station Moorish streets, and the residents of Cobourg, the mountain came to the protection of the emblem with the city’s patron, Saint Mauritius, which since the middle Ages depicted dark-skinned. By the way, according to a survey by the newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung, two-thirds of Germans (about 72 percent) consider it pointless to rename allegedly politically incorrect names, only 18 percent support the idea, the rest do not know what to say.