France reported on Thursday a sharp increase in the number of cases of coronavirus – 4771. This is a thousand more than was recorded a day earlier. This is the first time that more than four thousand cases of infection have been registered daily in the Fifth Republic since may. Meanwhile, Spain, Germany and Italy also registered the highest number of COVID-19 cases over the past 24 hours since the end of April and may, when there was a spike in infections in these countries. At the same time, the number of confirmed cases of the disease has been increasing daily since mid-August, which leads experts to Express fears about the imminent onset of a second wave of the pandemic.

The virus hits the young

The French Ministry of health said that the country has increased its ability to diagnose the disease and conducted 664 thousand tests over the past week, but the number of positive cases for the presence of coronavirus is inevitably growing. For the week from August 11 to 17, the percentage of positive tests was 3.3% per 100 people, compared with 2.1% a week earlier and more than double the rate of one and a half percent recorded at the end of July, the BBC reports.

Bill gates reminded of a dangerous disease that was forgotten because of the coronavirus

According to French experts, the coronavirus now mainly circulates in large cities among young people, who do not have serious symptoms, and therefore the number of people receiving treatment in hospitals has not changed much. According to experts, the reason for the increase in diseases was the opening of places of mass congestion of people, such as beaches, parks, recreation areas. People who visit them neglect to wear masks and do not observe social distance. Experts also expressed fears that a new surge in infections can be expected, when thousands of young people may take to the Champs-Elysees on Sunday after the Champions League final. The mayors of three other French cities – Saint-Etienne, nice and Toulouse – have made wearing the mask mandatory in their Central districts. Wearing masks is already required in busy areas of Paris. French education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, meanwhile, ruled out postponing the new school year, which begins on September 1, although he admitted that ” there may be local exceptions to the rules.” Students aged 11 and older will be required to wear masks at school and keep a distance of at least a meter.