The German foreign Ministry issued a travel warning to Brussels and Antwerp province in Belgium due to the high level of coronavirus infection. In view of this situation, it is also planned to move an informal meeting of EU defense Ministers to Berlin, according to the Spiegel online portal.

A spike in coronavirus infections has been reported in Europe

According to the Ministry of foreign Affairs,over the past seven days, there were more than 50 new infections per 100,000 residents. According to the classification, this means that people who visit Brussels must necessarily pass a test for coronavirus, and before that they will be quarantined.

Until now, according to the German side, the province of Antwerp was considered the most dangerous from an epidemiological point of view, now Brussels, which is called the capital of the EU, is also on the warning list. In this regard, the city attracts many tourists. At the moment, the European Parliament is on summer vacation. The first plenary session is to be held in mid-September in Strasbourg.